Of Course Gen X Is Doing Menopause Differently

Hey, Gen-Xers! Menopause Fairy here… Sure, there’s other crap happening, but what I really wanna know is this: how’re you handling ‘the change’? Yeah...I thought so. Here’s a few quotes pulled from a cool article by Amber Sparks on instyle.com. I may have an opinion (or two):

“What’s annoying and sad is how menopause is dismissed by many as just another thing we have to do, like grocery shopping.” (J. Chamberlain)

Reeeeally? Hot flashes, mood swings or short-term memory loss on our #@&?% shopping list?... I doubt it. And if so, that person better be shopping at a different freakin’ store than me.

“We’re becoming more discerning, not less relevant” (Carrie Esposito)

Yup. Just ask what's-his-face how discerning I've become. Jeez.

BUT, I gotta say, there’s one quote that gets it right:

“When I have a hot flash, I just tell myself I’m assuming my final dragon form.” (Helen Grant)

ROAR!!! (Cue the firebreathing.) Ahhhh… that felt good. Needed to get that out of my system.

Since you’re stuck at home, check out the whole article at instyle.com.

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