MenOpop: A Menopause Pop-Up & Activity Book

This beautifully crafted gem makes a great gift for everyone, especially YOU…and don't you deserve to feel better? Get it while you’re HOT!!

Magical Color Changing Mug

This AMAZING 15 oz. ceramic mug has SUPER POWERS: Once you add your own hot water, the MenOpop Mug magically changes color proving “It’s Cool to be HOT!” Start your day with a smile, knowing just how cool you really are.


Awake all night counting sheep?, Why not share that special time with a pal?! TIRED PAT is sure to be UP for it! Grab one NOW so you can try to sleep on your pillow


This portobello mushroom burger recipe will be a hit with vegetarians and meat eaters alike!


What They’re Sayin’

Our promise to you

Ooof...Menopause. Are you in it? Is it looming in your future?...Or are you just an innocent bystander? MenOpop to the RESCUE!

We at MenOpop offer a whimsical and cheeky look at the absurdities of menopause, spinning it into a world of irreverent humor and outlandish fun . . . all served with heaps of love. We are dedicated to creating unique gifts and experiences for women (and those who love them) needing a laugh and relief from “the change”. We think "It's Cool to be HOT!" . . . Welcome to MenOpop!

Thousands of women and their loved ones have found great solace and delicious giggles from the delightful novelty book, MenOpop, a Menopause Pop-Up & Activity Book, that can be enjoyed as a purely entertaining and enlightening experience, and also as a tool for educating both young and old alike . . . And many MenOpoppers have found the best way to start their day is with their favorite magical color changing mug. Imagine as the warm liquid gets poured, the black cup suddenly brightens, transforms, changes color and reminds you every morning that “It’s Cool to Be Hot!” . . . And this just in: HUG - SCREAM AT - THROW - WEEP INTO - DON’T SLEEP ON - OR RANT with the MOOD PILLOWS of your choice! . . . Treat yourself — or a friend — who needs a lift! Let's go SHOPPING!

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