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“I've given copies to sisters, wife, and co-workers, and each has been delighted. It's not easy to help your special women thru "the changes", but this book made me a hero!” - Satisfied Male Customer

“I've shown it to older friends, and the response is always 'where can I get it?' A perfect gift for yourself or your 'menstrually-challenged' friends!” - Satisfied Female Customer


At the shop, our flagship gift item, MenOpop (a Menopause Pop-Up & Activity Book), and our brand new "Magic Mug" are now available.

Keep an eye out, there is so much more to come!

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Featured on CNN, Abc news, the chicago tribune, the Washington Post, Health Magazine...

Ooof. . .Menopause.

Are you in it?

Is it looming in your future?

. . . Or are you just an innocent bystander?

MenOpop to the RESCUE!

Follow the Menopause Fairy as she guides you through one of life’s biggest jokes. Explore the 3-D Uterus. . .take a bath with Our Centerfold, "Miss Ma Period". . .and challenge your friends to play “MenOland" (the Menopause Board Game with a real spinner!) included in the book...


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“. . . the moment is ripe for ‘MenOpop,’ a pop-up and activity book for the growing woman.”
—Craig Stoltz, Health Editor, The Washington Post

“What a delightful book! Not only does it offer humor, insight, and empathy, but it also gives just enough information to serve as an entertaining primer to confused husbands, children, friends, and menopausal women themselves. A wonderful treat!”
—Dr. Lila Nachtigall, OB/GYN, Author, frequent guest on “Oprah”

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Our Promise to You

We at MenOpop offer a whimsical and cheeky look at the absurdities of menopause, spinning it into a world of irreverent humor and outlandish fun

. . . all served with heaps of love.

We are dedicated to creating  unique gifts and experiences for women (and those who love them) needing a laugh and relief from “the change”. 

We think "It's Cool to be HOT"

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