Meet the TEAM

We here at MenOpop Headquarters are all dedicated to one goal:
to help you get through "the Change" in a whole new way.

Chief Officers

  • The Menopause Fairy
    (We call her M.F.... or “Em” for short)
    C.F.O. (Chief Fairy Officer)

    She had a long term gig as the Tooth Fairy which gives her tons of street cred in this area. She has pretty much gone through every possible menopausal symptom and has something to say about all of them.

  • Loopy Flower
    C.W.T.F.O. (Chief WTF??!! Officer)

    Loopy just found out she’s in perimenopause and is mostly in denial, confused, and not having it. She feels like her childhood heroine Alice in Wonderland all the time now. 

  • VOG
    (short for Voice of Goddess... Voice of Reason was taken)
    C.O.O. (Chief Omniscient Officer)

    As a post-menopausal narrator, Your-All-Knowing Guide welcomes the MenOpopulation and introduces them to each other. She’s the proud owner of her own salon Hairway to Heaven where she shares all of her decades of experience and insight.

The Crisis Management Division

  • Angry Agnes
    Managing Director of Rage

    Agnes hails from London but finds herself in a fuming fog wherever she goes.  Married for the 7th time, she is hoping her husband will still come home to the madhouse of his teenage daughters in puberty, her eldest pregnant, and her own raging hormones to boot.

  • Lonely Lenora
    Managing Director of Invisibleness

    Most of Lenora’s time and energy is focused on her aging parents these days. She keeps meaning to check her Bumble account but there doesn’t seem to be enough time to date so she sometimes feels like her life is slipping away.

  • Negatory Corey
    Managing Director of NOPE!

    Corey surrounds herself with her pups, kitties, horses, books and work. This enables her to keep a safe distance and her tart tongue from confounding humans as she tends to her furry family.

  • Weepy Wanda
    Managing Director of Waterworks

    Wanda can’t seem to go three steps without reaching for a tissue. She is partners with the equally hormonal Psychopathy Kathy. Together they have two kids safely away at college so they don’t have to contend with two moms in unhinged emotional states.

  • Psychopathy Kathy
    Managing Director of Whatever She Wants

    (We let Kathy write her own bio.)

  • Tired Pat
    Managing Director of Exhaustion

    Pat hails from the mid-west where she resides with her childhood sweetheart whom she hopes she can still remain in the same bed with as his and her temperatures and sleep quotients are so off these days. She wants to state for the record, her husband is a gem.

Our Founders

  • Michelle Cohen

    Michelle dictates what all of the women in MenOland have to say.
    Not that she has another life, but if she did, you might discover she has coached many hundreds of clients how to trust their intuition while hanging onto their funny bone through troubled times. 
    Amongst her many credits, she was the original Off-Broadway producer of Schoolhouse Rock Live!, where she learned from that classic cartoon series how to surreptitiously teach through great craft & entertaining cartoons. 

  • Peter Daniel Straus

    Peter illustrates the World of MenOpop and it's inhabitants.
    When The Menopause Fairy isn't paying attention, Peter might be seen as “Pierre the Mime” on TV's Impractical Jokers AND The Kardashians.
    He's also been a Ringling Bros. Circus clown, and has spent decades working in major hospitals around the country as his "clown doctor" persona Dr. Peety (very fake doctor, very real comedian), bringing light and laughter to unusual and challenging spaces where it's really needed.