Our promise to you

We at MenOpop offer a whimsical and cheeky look at the absurdities of menopause, spinning it into a world of irreverent humor and outlandish fun . . . all served with heaps of love. We are dedicated to creating unique gifts & experiences for women (and those who love them) needing a laugh and relief from “the change”.

We think "It's Cool to be HOT!"

Who We Are

Rewriting the rules...and making it a PARTY!

We're unleashing a disruption of how everyone thought menopause was supposed to roll. Our intention is to uplift the sweaty women presently experiencing symptoms with this proven “healing- through-humor” life-style brand, MenOpop. We have created a loving, funny and surprisingly eye-opening way to experience this inevitable phase of life. 

  • Our Mission

    MenOpop was created to lift women's spirits and put a new spin on menopause. What women need is something to cut through the depressing clutter of clinical information, something that gives an introduction to 'the change,' yet is so irreverent and entertaining that they could forget to be terrified.

  • Our Vision

    Through MenOpop, the MenOpopulation (with 6000 newbies every day who join) will find they are in fact not going crazy, not alone, but instead can bond with an enormous community of empowered MenOpoppers as they move through the "change", supported by laughter and love.

Made With Love

About our Brand

When we set out to create this brand—with our flagship gift MenOpop (a Menopause Pop-Up & Activity Book)—we quickly learned that many women in menopause felt lost and scared. And what little information there is out there, it sure as heck wasn’t being and still is barely being dispensed in a fun and humorous way. We can’t make the symptoms go away, but we can make the experience, while having the symptoms, more positive.