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  • Hey there beautiful, it’s Dr. Sharon Stills here!

    If you are not familiar with my work yet, let me fill you in. I’m a naturopathic doctor with over two decades of experience and I am on a mission: to change the narrative around Meno(pause). Never seen Meno(pause) written like that? Well let me explain, most of us women have a lot of pre-programmed ideas about what Meno(pause) is: that time when we get “old” and our bodies stop functioning properly and we are past our prime. The craziest part is that we accept these beliefs without taking a second to PAUSE and really think about what that means. Around here Meno(pause) is an OPPORTUNITY to stop and think about what we want from the SacRED second half of our lives. SacRED means, RED HOT, sexy, fun, exciting and joyous. Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) going through Meno(pause) is past their prime, on the contrary, you are looking at some of the BEST years of your lives!

  • What exactly is the “It’s Cool to be HOT Party!”?

    Oct. 18 is officially World Menopause Day. We want to unite this enormous community and those who love them; bringing vitally deserved awareness and care to the MenOpopulation who tend to feel marginalized, invisible, unseen and unheard. Not on our watch!

    Our Plans include: live online entertainment & inspirational workshops, major media coverage, plus special guest celebrities & cheerleaders!

  • What the heck is a Virtual Swag Bag?

    Having RSVP’d & subscribed, in October, MenOpoppers will receive a link that will give them special access to a hidden section of our website. This will house all of the links to gifts & goodies that help them feel better. The goal is to give as many resources, services, promos, freebies, laughs & support as possible in one, highly-concentrated, virtual present.

    There are as many ways to handle menopause and its symptoms as there are diversity of women. There is no limit to possible ways to feel better, so we’d like to offer the most thorough combined resources “present” imaginable.

    This will be an equal opportunity presentation — where a wide spectrum of approaches are offered and it’s up to the individual woman and her care providers to decide the best course of action for herself. We want to show women what’s possible and give them great opportunities to explore each support system. To that end, we’re happy to include any modality of healing that might serve.

    Please note: We will make sure that the women being gifted remain aware that the inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them from the MenOpop team or fellow contributors & they must consult their personal health care providers as we are not responsible for decisions made from utilizing the offerings.

  • What do you get for being cool & participating?

    We are expecting millions of views from around the world for this party. Your particular gift will receive loads of attention with great potential return.

    This is an opportunity of a list build at no charge. You put in your gift for free and people will opt into your world when they discover you through our virtual “swag bag.”

    For those who plan on sending dedicated emails and going all in please make note of that on your application. Someone on our team will get in touch with you to create an aligned joint venture for us to co-create more traffic to our fresh leads post event to keep everyone staying connected to the movement :)

    We also can arrange a super fun and funny interaction (interview perhaps?) with the real live Menopause Fairy (a comedy improv genius) unique to your platform or some other lively co-branding that we conjure up together—we’ve got loads of ideas up our sleeve.

    We are inviting the best-of-the-best from not only the menopause wellness community, but other major influencers and adjacent providers. This will provide direct exposure to each other, along with the main target of the MenOpopulation. Potential new partnerships abound!

    And if you use our tracking link & bring in the most traffic, you will win a free session to our SECRET WEAPSON: Influencer, Social Media “Mastermind” & Business-Strategist-Connector. . .

  • What we ask for your participation

    In return for putting your gift, service, etc. into the mix, we ask that you comply with the MenOpop code of honor and give best efforts to carry on the win-win-win policy. Consider this your energetic agreement, pinky swear.

    Please pay this effort forward! Let everyone, from your followers, clients and audience to friends and loved ones know about this day and opportunity, so that as many people as possible can be part of the celebration.

    We encourage everyone to reach out to like-minded businesses and individuals in their network who might be great Contributors . . . spread the word! Party on!

  • What can you provide?

    Calling all Healers - Vendors - Supporters - Healthcare Providers - Cheerleaders - you don’t even have to be menopause centric to participate! We are open to all kinds of offerings & modalities that can heal, relieve, inform amuse, uplift . . . .Your unique offer for this celebration can be something you already have OR something created specifically for the “It’s Cool to Be HOT Party!”

    We are looking for offering links to: products, services, information, entertainment, other brilliant ideas… We encourage you to provide giveaways, freebies, promo codes, special sales, or other acts of support for the MenOpopulation.

    We have people offering opt-in if they would like to collect new emails and others are simply giving immediate downloads. We are open to whichever option serves your needs best. We want this to be easy and mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

  • How to spread the word?

    Simply copy & send this URL that goes straight to the Party invitation page to your followers:

    When you send a solo email, newsletter mention or a social post, you are more than welcome to use our compelling (and fun!) assets to promote this PARTY. No work on your end, just use the images & text that looks like a great fit for your followers and delight them with your sense of humor and/or light touch. ASSETS

    BONUS: If you like, we can create your very own tracking link and whoever brings in the most traffic will win a free session to our SECRET WEAPSON: Influencer, Social Media “Mastermind” & Business-Strategist-Connector. . .


    The point of this party is for everyone to have fun. What better way than to bring a smile to people’s faces and lift them up than to show a community of support, laughter and assistance?!

    We at MenOpop are dedicated to serving any and all information with at least a bit of levity and humor. So the one caveat we ask is that even if it’s “heavy” material, everything must be delivered with fun! (or at the very least some degree of positive, good vibes . . . if you get stuck, please contact us, we specialize at bringing humor to unlikely spaces and are happy to help.)

    Let’s unite & celebrate MenOpoppers around the world.


    The expectation is that this campaign will be receiving views in the millions.

    The subject of menopause is generally perceived as depressing, tedious and a downer—no wonder it’s not getting the traction with the public that it could. MenOpop & the "It’s Cool to be HOT Party!" can be the clutterbuster to GET THE WORLD’S ATTENTION.

    We have a better vehicle than most.

    MenOpop is such an off-beat brand, disrupting how everyone thought menopause was supposed to roll. It succeeds in capturing curiosity and involvement in unusual yet powerful ways that are beneficial for all.

What can you provide?

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