Reviews around the country

“Enough with the fretful back-and-forth about hormone replacement and will it or won’t it kill you . . . the moment is ripe for ‘MenOpop,’ a pop-up and activity book for the growing woman.”
—Craig Stoltz, Health Editor, The Washington Post  


“Feeling menopausal and ready to pop?. . .a hilarious and colorful pop-up activity book called ‘MenOpop’ [will] help you laugh off that tension. . . Perfect for gift-giving for all your friends in the hot-flash club. . .”
—Cathy Mathias, Florida Today

“Just when I’m feeling there’s nothing funny about menopause along comes a new book designed to make women laugh and learn at the same time. . . And this book is fun.  Who knew menopause could be so cool?”
––Leslie Boyd, Asheville Citizen-Times, NC
“. . .`MenOpop’ provides women—and the men in their lives trying to understand what they’re going through—a humorous tour through this middle-age rite of passage. . .”
—Virginia Linn, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“. . . a pop-up book that’s sure to make you smile, if not laugh out loud, especially if you are `going though the change’.”
—Carolyn Poirot, Star-Telegram, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
“Here's a prediction: The day is fast approaching when a critical mass of baby boomer women will simultaneously reach menopause, and the resulting global hot flash will melt the world . . . To prepare for that day, you might want to . . . order a copy of ‘MenOpop’.”
—Carole Goldberg, The Hartford Courant

Doctor Endorsements

“. . . A truly original and hilarious look at the travails of midlife passages. What a great treat for yourself or a gift to a ‘suffering sister.’ It’s the hit of my waiting room!”
––Michael Goodman, M.D., Certified Menopausal Practitioner, author of “The Midlife Bible: A Woman’s
Survival Guide”

“What a delightful book! Not only does it offer humor, insight, and empathy, but it also gives just enough information to serve as an entertaining primer to confused husbands, children, friends, and menopausal women themselves. A wonderful treat!”
—Dr. Lila Nachtigall, OB/GYN, Author, frequent guest on “Oprah”

“What a wonderful way to bring information about the menopausal transition to those that are entering this
period of their life. The female Baby Boomers that are now entering their mid-life transition are increasing in number. Because of the challenges that they face in both their personal and professional lives, their need for understanding and appropriate intervention is also increasing.”
—Dr. Maurice Cohen, MD GYN, pioneer in Women’s Wellness


“A zany and irreverent take on the sometimes difficult process of going through menopause. While some may find the subject matter not particularly funny, these authors have succeeded in their intent; laugh in the face of discomfort and gain an upper hand." 

“Hilalalalaiuuuss!!!! and SPOT ON! The pop up art is good quality, the content is great…This book should be a standard rite of passage gift.” 

“Clever. Very witty but for a limited audience. The humor is wasted on the young but aimed at the young at heart. Each page is elaborately engineered, colorful and laced with one- liners. Pull tab surprises and the recurring Menopause Fairy never get old. Buy it for yourself, or as a gag gift for your sister.” 

“Lord knows we could all use a good laugh through the change. And for those who are too young to know what it's like, give it to one of your elders...believe me, they'll appreciate the wit & wisdom in its pages!"

“Excellent and fun book. I have given several as presents and people keep asking where they can get one, too. Who would ever have thought about doing a pop-up book on menopause!” 

“I've given copies to sisters, wife, and co-workers, and each has been delighted. It's not easy to help your special women thru "the changes", but this book made me a hero!”

“The games, pop-ups, and gags make for laugh out loud reading, and remove so much shame from menopause. I've shown it to older friends, and the response is always "where can I get it?" A perfect gift for yourself or your "menstrually-challenged" friends! Let the cranky Menopause Fairy into your life.”