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Joining forces

Let’s Partner!

We at MenOpop are unleashing a revolution to disrupt how everyone thought menopause was supposed to roll. Our intention is to uplift the sweaty women presently experiencing symptoms with this proven “healing-through-humor” life-style brand, MenOpop.

We have created a loving, funny and surprisingly eye-opening way to experience this inevitable phase of life currently revving up to our “It’s Cool to be Hot Party!” this fall.

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Amplifying together

Let’s Campaign

Women have taken the summer by storm -Barbie, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, creating incredible community as well as deeply affecting the economy . . . we are planning to kick it up a notch and take the Fall by storm.

For PR, we are targeting social media, mainstream media (particularly Morning & Talk shows) and Online news outlets. We have a clutterbuster of a brand, PLUS some secret weapons at our disposal to pretty much ensure MenOpop & the entire subject of menopause rises above the noise and gets noticed in very new ways.

The more people amplifying our event, the better. If you have any outlets for us to pursue in order to get our message seen & heard, please click here: