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Ever struggle with indecision? Intuitive Art gives you an easy method for talking to your Higher Self. You'll get the best possible answers every time you use it, and in less than 5 minutes. Give it a try!

Free Intuitive Art Class

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Rachel Archelaus experiences life as a multidimensional being.

She has seen and interacted with the nonphysical world since her childhood and continues to have a rich experience of different beings, star systems, and energies.She is the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy which teaches people how to have a two-way conversation with their Higher Selves through color. The Certified Intuitive Artist® program helps healers, therapists, and coaches to create a lucrative & impactful business using Intuitive Art.Intuitive Art: How to Have a Two-Way Conversation with Your Higher Self and Above the Surface are her latest books.