Stop Doing the Wrong Marketing Things and Let Your Meno-Years Brilliance Shine Lori Mercer

Over the selfie? Exhausted by social media? Is your email marketing system as disorganized as your mother-in-laws spare room? Do you just want to focus on the GOOD you are trying to bring into the world? (yes, because that's what matters and my menopause irritability fuse is a little shorter)
If you run a "feel good" business and want your marketing to feel good again, Lori will show you a simpler way.
Hint: She's going to tell you NO to a lot of things that will feel like RELIEF so you can focus on shining your light a little brighter! Last time she did this for a client and took away HALF of their marketing and produced a $130k launch, the biggest ever.

Lori's offering


BIO Lori Mercer Trimble is the engineer behind the Feel Good Work marketing method - the method that simplifies all of your marketing operations and lets you focus on doing your good thing.

For coaches, consultants and online business owners who need funnels, courses, membership sites and more. She has built multiple large online businesses and is over putting her selfie face out there and focused on a simpler business that leads her easily through her 50s doing what she LOVES, and nothing more. Mother + Bonus-mother to 7 young adults, she and her husband find their sanity escaping to the outdoors where no notifications can reach them.