Customizable Menopause Symptom & Habit Tracker Gifted by...

Dr. Neelima Deshpande

Menopause can be a gift and opportunity when we have fun learning and accepting a new way of life. We didn't expect what worked in our teens to work in our 20s and 30s. This new phase of our lives can be just as magical and full of growth when we have the knowledge and skills to navigate it. Aa a gynaecologist specializing in Menopause and Sexual Health I love empowering women to live amazing healthy lives through an approach embracing nutrition, movement and mindset. Age is just a number and there's nothing you can't have do or be if you set your heart on it!


Five Smart Strategies E-BookSmart strategies to address issues when hormones are out of whack, e.g. weight gain, hair & skin issues 


Customizable Menopause Symptom and Habit Tracker!
A customizable habit tracker to track your physical, psychological & urogenital symptoms. 

BIO Dr Neelima Deshpande MD, DNB, FRCOG, FFSRH Gynaecologist, speaker, author, coach with three decades of international experience in women's health care and expertise in Menopause and Sexual health.

Dr Neelima Deshpande is Certified Senior WILDFIT Coach. International Meipadam and Karlakattai coach, Mindvalley Certified Holobody and 10x Coach, Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach