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Dr. Kelly Casperson

In You Are Not Broken, Dr. Kelly Casperson offers a unique perspective as a urologist, coach, and fellow woman wondering, when it comes to sex, “Is this all there is?” Dr. Kelly explores how to adjust your mindset and provides an in-depth look at what makes women physiologically unique. Better sex creates a better relationship between you and your partner. With real-life stories, ideas for journaling, and tips to get the conversation going, this book is the sex empowerment secret weapon you really need to live the life you’ve always wanted.

You Are Not Broken!

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Kelly Casperson, MD is the sister, urologist, sex expert and friend you never knew you needed…..until now.

Dr. Kelly Casperson is a board certified urologist. That makes her an expert of the pelvis. And her purpose is to empower women to live their best love lives. Because let's be honest. None of us were taught right. Combining the power of mind, body and relationships, Dr. Kelly joyously breaks down the societal barriers that are keeping us from awakening into our best intimate experience.