Your Guide to Exercise Planning gifted by . . . Debra Atkinson

This informative pdf includes a link to a free masterclass on planning a week of exercise with "all the things” that seems so overwhelming to a woman who wants, strength, balance, reaction/agility to prevent falls, bone density, and muscle tone, along with mobility!
When it feels like a full time job, this simplifies what you want and how to plan it so it's safe, sane and simple.


A free masterclass on planning a week of exercise just for you!


Hormone Balancing Fitness Expert and Bestselling Author, Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS has spent almost 4 decades full time in the fitness industry,

She's worked her way from group fitness instructor, personal trainer, to Senior Lecturer in the Department of Kinesiology at Iowa State University, to an international master trainer of fitness instructors and personal trainers.
As a Subject Matter Expert for ACE, best selling author, TEDx speaker and international presenter she founded Flipping50® and created the Flipping50 Menopause Fitness Specialist course for trainers and health coaches, all since turning 50. The midlife women she'd been working with for decades all had the same complaint: no one hears us. A decade later, she's helped more than 250,000 women flip their second half with the energy and vitality they want, need, and deserve.
If you're exercising not getting results, or getting the opposite of desired results, it's not your fault. Just 39% of all sports medicine and exercise science features women. A fraction of that covers any hormone phase you're going through at the moment.
That means unless you knew to ask, you've been gambling... with bad odds that the program you did was based on research on women just like you.
It's why at Flipping50® 100% of our programs are based on the research that DOES feature women in midlife and beyond.