A Marvelous Gift from . . . Carrie Roldan

The extraordinary Meet Your Future Self Guided Meditation is yours to enjoy — gain a new perspective on life.


Commune with YOUR FUTURE SELF with this guided meditation

BIO Carrie Roldan is an expert in creating cultures of excellence that result in personal bests for athletes and businesses.

As a former NCAA Division 1 athlete and coach, sought-after speaker, and mastermind leader to high performing women, Carrie is known for her ability to cast a vision, create team buy-in, and operate in unwavering faith in the desired outcome.
This approach recently brought a struggling high school girls cross country program to the state competition, something that school hadn’t done in its over 100 year history.
Carrie specializes in eliminating drama and creating an environment of trust and intimacy where intrinsic motivation thrives. Working with her will stretch you and your teams in ways that you didn’t realize mattered, but in the end, produce empowered leaders who exceed objectives.