"The Most Organized Man in America" Andrew Mellen

Get clutter-free once and for all! Meet Andrew Mellen and learn how you can conquer this—even with a hot-flash... he should know! Andrew just got a big thumbs up from The Menopause Fairy herself!!!


“Declutter in a Hot Flash” ChecklistThis checklist gives you 40 things you can do quickly to declutter in 5 minutes or less.

BIO Is Andrew Mellen the organizational world’s best-kept secret?!

From directing actors on stage to directing people in their lives, Andrew Mellen just might be ... although his client roster—which includes American Express, the New York Mets, the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, and Goldman Sachs—suggests he’s hardly a secret at all.
Speaking on such well-known stages as TEDx and SXSW, leading retreats at Omega Institute and Tassajara, and being named the Wall Street Journal and Audible best-selling author of Unstuff Your Life!, The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving, and Calling Bullsh*t on Busy, Andrew attributes his wild success to his straightforward (read: no-B.S.) and fun approach.
“There are no metaphors to decode or breadcrumb trails our clients have to follow to figure out what I’m talking about. They quickly learn how to change the way they think about, feel about, and interact with stuff and time—and once their mindset shifts, their habits immediately transform, too— helping them reduce clutter, gain back lost time, and say goodbye to materialistic drama for good.”
Andrew’s unique approach to teaching requires some gentle mental reprogramming on his clients’ part—and the payoff is always worth the effort. He insists that being organized is something anyone can learn and not an innate ability you’re either born with or without. Even folks with hoarding disorders, ADHD, and other neurodivergencies can succeed when they follow Andrew’s simple steps forward. This reframing empowers all his clients to be present and to take responsibility for the behaviors, habits, and actions that are causing their disorganization.
In fact, his greatest gift is that he’s able to brilliantly transfer his knowledge and expertise so simply that anyone can finally ditch “yo-yo” organizing and claim ownership of their new organizational habits for life. Many of his clients even say they hear Andrew’s voice in their heads long after their time together is through.
Although it may sound like tough love, Andrew’s clients and audiences never feel judged as he gently (albeit assertively) holds up a mirror to show them where they’re stuck—then enthusiastically encourages them toward simpler, richer spaces, experiences, and lives. He lives by his motto, “More love, less stuff!”