(Presale!) MenOpop, a Menopause Pop-Up AUDIO EXPERIENCE!
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At last! An adaptation of the book as a menopause Pop-Up AUDIO EXPERIENCE!!

GET IT NOW!!! The price will NEVER be this low again cuz once it's available — it will be FULL PRICE ONLY.

(You know you're gonna forget. Just get it now and be wonderfully surprised when it shows up.)

What's in store?

VOG (Voice of Goddess)who has been through menopause, attempts to help every possible stage and range of women through their menopausal state. 

You will get to hear the freaked out, perimenopausal Loopy Flower . . .

and the forever-stuck-in-her-woes Menopause Fairy . . .

and then get wrapped up with the wild tales of the six Dial-A-Mood Ladies who all bond at a salon over their shared experience of hating their hair. . . .

Play along with Angry Agnes, Lonely Lenora, Weepy Wanda, Negatory Cory, Psychopathy Kathy & Tired Pat as they attempt to move forward through menopause while stuck in the board game, “MenOland”  . . .

but are interrupted by the in-deep-denial centerfold, Miss MaPeriod who has locked herself in her bathroom, luxuriating in her ice-filled tub while fantasies pop-up all around her . . .

What happens to all of our heroines?

Be the first to receive this clever, hilarious and wonderful way to be introduced to the “change” and find out!